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E4D Same Day Crowns

If you live with the pain of a decayed, broken, or cracked tooth, Dr. Ochoa can restore functionality and relieve your discomfort with a E4D one-visit crown. Durable and long-lasting, crowns cover the damaged area and re-establish a solid tooth surface. Dr. Ochoa will design your custom crown to match the shape and size of your existing teeth, which preserves bite alignment. With our all-white crowns, you can keep your sparkling smile in tact.

Traditional crowns take two appointments that are usually weeks apart. In the interim, you have to wear a plastic temporary tooth that can be very cumbersome. With a “Same Day” crown, you will leave our office with the permanent restoration in the same day. Same-day crowns save our patients the time and inconvenience of appointments that are weeks apart. It also spares the patient the experience of wearing a temporary crown.

To produce your same-day crown, Dr. Ochoa has selected the E4D system. The E4D mills same-day Emax crowns, considered by some to be the strongest crowns on the market. Dr. Ochoa will first take 3D images of the tooth. She will then input the data into the precision mill, which will generate your custom same-day crown while you wait. No worries of what materials are actually in your crown. No shipping crowns overseas to unregulated laboratories. You receive a biocompatible crown made from a strong, solid block of porcelain.

Experience personalized dentistry and exceptional care. Call our Imperial, MO dental office to make an appointment with Dr. Ochoa. Located in Imperial, Precision Dental Care is convenient for residents of Arnold, Barnhart, Fenton, Crystal City, and Festus.