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Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Most people think that snoring is just what some people do. However sleeping should be a silent activity. Snoring is not natural and unless you are suffering from a cold or congestion, you should breathe effortlessly when you are awake or asleep.

Dr. Ochoa has works closely with Sleep Physicians and Ear, Nose and Throat specialists in obtaining treatment for her patients (both adults and children) with airway issues.

Dr. Ochoa’s interest in Dental Sleep Medicine and Oral Appliance Therapy began when her father was diagnosed with severe OSA and prescribed CPAP therapy. She began to research the options available for this devastating condition and was excited to see she could play a role in helping these patients. Watching the struggles her father and her patients with OSA have had with CPAP over the years has inspired her to pursue Oral Appliance Therapy.

In 2010 Dr. Ochoa joined the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and American Sleep Apnea Association and continues to pursue studies in the area of Snoring and OSA. She only uses oral appliances that have been FDA approved for the treatment of Snoring and OSA. With many options in appliances available for the patient, Dr. Ochoa customizes the appropriate appliance for each individual patient’s needs.

Dr. Ochoa works closely with Sleep Physicians in the St.Louis area to make sure the Oral Appliance Therapy is effective. She treats her patients as a whole and is passionate about oral health and its role in overall health.