When a child loses a tooth, the tooth fairy often visits and leaves a small gift for the child. It’s important to be ready when the tooth fairy visits your house. Let’s talk about everything you need to know so you can be prepared for her visit.

What is the Tooth Fairy?
The tooth fairy is a popular mythological creature who helps inspire children from many countries all over the world to take good care of their teeth. Since the tooth fairy is a magical creature, she may appear differently to different children. It’s important to take the time to talk with your child about her so that they can use their imagination to envision her clearly in their mind. Some children have pictured her as a miniature queen with wings, or as a tiny mouse, large polar bear, or other favorite animal. That’s why it’s so important for each child to use their unique imagination!

Why Does She Visit?
When the tooth fairy visits your house, it’s often right after somebody has lost a tooth. It’s important for your child to make sure to take good care of their teeth so that she’ll want to collect their tooth and leave a gift in return. Many believe that she is using the teeth she collects in order to build a castle where she can live, so she looks for strong teeth that are clean and bright enough to reflect the sun. That’s why brushing every day is so important!

What Kind of Gift Will She Leave?
For teeth that are well cared for, the tooth fairy likes to leave gifts. Sometimes she leaves money or special coins like shiny silver dollars. Or she may leave tickets for a magical adventure on a train, a trip to the zoo or aquarium, or a concert, play, or movie. The possibilities are endless, so it can be fun to talk about what your child hopes the gift might be before she visits.

Is She Make Believe?
The fun thing about magical creatures like the tooth fairy is that they aren’t like ordinary people or things. Your child may hear from friends they play with at school or in the neighborhood that the tooth fairy isn’t real. When your child comes to you with questions, it’s important to be truthful, but also encourage them to use their imagination for when the tooth fairy visits them. You may want to remind them of a favorite fairy tale or fictional story to help them understand the fun and magic of using their imaginations to make real things, like losing their baby teeth, a lot more fun and exciting.

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